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Spot On K9 Treadmills

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Spot On K9 Dog Treadmills Inc. 72" And 84"


Spot On 72 (SO72)

Say something interesting about your business here.  Our most popular and versatile treadmill. Measures 72" in length which accommodates most medium to large dogs up to approximately 130 lbs.   


Spot On 84 (SO84)

At 84"in length this treadmill gives "long stride" dogs such as German Shepherds, Great Danes plenty of space to move and can accommodate up to approximately 180 lbs.  

 Spot On K9 Treadmills are proudly designed and made in Canada and carry a patent on parts of their unique design. These treadmills are the only manually adjustable dog treadmills that can be easily changed either into an incline or decline. This feature allows focus on muscle development, or therapy, on specific parts of a dog. 

​The fine tuned, silent, manual speed control allows for minute adjustments to the speed of the moving tread. This feature is important when introducing a dog to the treadmill for the first time. It is also beneficial when a dog is learning to trot at a steady pace; or because they need to learn to go slower or faster and also to teach them to trot on the diagonal*. 

Spot On K9 Treadmills are strong, made to last, and due to their aluminium components are light weight to be lifted without any difficulty for either storage in an upright position, cleaning, taking apart or adjusting the position of the front and rear posts for incline, level or decline positions.
Throughout the early years of development of our treadmills we added features to increase ease of use. 

  • Adjustable rubber feet to make sure the treadmill is level despite an uneven floor.
  • ​Lock in pins for each post
  • Two adjusting cogs at the end of each side for realigning the back roller 
  • An overhead tether bar